Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Beach

See? See? Look! I told you I got the pictures off the camera before midnight - I even managed to get these four posted before then! It says January 3rd right up there above the title.

We didn't know where the trail we were following would take us. It ended at the beach, which I suppose isn't surprising, since we drove along the water to get to the park, and Natural Bridges is a State Beach. Check out that natural bridge out there in the water.

We had talked about not going swimming in the ocean on our drive there, but somehow when we actually got to the beach my better judgement failed me (possibly because there were so many other people - children and adults - running around barefoot in the surf). The girls had a really good time for a while. The Bug, however, was ambushed by a wave that came up further than anyone expected, and got knocked on her butt, so she got cold first (though it took quite a long time to occur to her).

Sweet Pea had so much fun running down toward the ocean and then running away when the waves came up - she squealed and giggled the whole time we were there, I think!

The beach portion of this day ended with two very wet, very cold little girls, who we took back to the car and changed into dry clothes, puffy jackets and mittens, which we had brought along. Then we went in search of dinner, and after we had eaten we drove home, being hounded THE WHOLE WAY by questions from the back seat about "why did that butterfly only have one wing? How do you think it lost its other wing? Will it grow another one? Will it be okay? Can it get back up into the tree with its friends?" and on and on and on. Sweet girls, they are.
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