Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Updating In Photos

To make up for my long and boring absence I'd like to offer you lots of pictures of the things we've been doing over the past month or so. There are three posts full of pictures - enjoy!

Sometimes Slipshod and I like to do messy kitchen science with the girls. Slipshod's favorite thing to make for them (and help them play with) is Non-Neutonian Fluid, a.k.a. cornstarch and water. When you exert pressure on it it reacts like a solid and resists (which means you can roll it into a ball in your hand), and when you just hold it, or just lay your hand on top of it, it reacts like a liquid. It's lots of fun to play with. Check out this cool video of some guys running across a pool of it! Sweet Pea totally wants to do this. So do I, for that matter.

This is our latest pet: A Green Cabbage Looper caterpillar which arrived on our Napa Cabbage from the farm last week. It's been in a cocoon since the 20th and has yet to hatch out. We're still checking on it several times per day to see the brown moth it will become.

Above and below, some spectacular splashdown shots of the girls in our own pool in our own back yard. Hee hee!

Continue on to the next post to see more recent pictures and read more little updates.
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Christina said...

I love the splashdown photos! That's a great idea to put the slide into the pool. We may have to try that sometime!