Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Catching Up In Pictures (Still)

When we have lots of family over, like we did last Sunday, The Bug makes a point of hanging out with all of her favorite people. Upon seeing Boopa up on the landing lounging against the wall with a pillow, she grabbed an identical pillow and joined him. She later instructed my sister to grab a pillow and join them and the three of them had quite a party up there on the landing. ha ha!

Sweet Pea drew this picture for me one morning last week while I was taking a shower. The spots on the kitty showed up because she did the drawing on top of a step stool. I think it's a pretty cool effect.

Sweet Pea began showing an intense interest in space (I mean above and beyond, "hey, there's the moon") back in December. Now she'll even deign to do a drawing at school sans cat if you can believe that!! She even knows which planets are gas planets vs. rock or ice planets, and knows where the asteroid belt is. She flipped Saturn & Jupiter from the actual order in this drawing, but otherwise it's spot on, I think, and the next day she did another very similar drawing and put them in their correct places. She's so cool. :o)

Some days (okay, most days) I feel inadequate as a mother - I feel like I'm ignoring my kids to blog or check e-mail, pushing them away too often so I can clean, etc. etc. etc. And then some days I realize, "hey, they're happy and I cook them breakfast almost every morning." Only rarely do we eat cold cereal.
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