Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Remember the Heat Wave?

Yeah, a couple weeks ago, before winter returned. Well, here's what the girls looked like for a couple days:

This is their Ikea-fied (last year) play room upstairs, and the best real smile I've been able to photograph on Sweet Pea for ages (go ahead, click on the picture to see it larger).

As you'll notice, they believe they are supposed to sit on the table (actually they don't usually do that - it was a spur-of-the-moment bit of silliness, I believe). They also think the chairs are for standing on (see that one backed up to the wall under the window? That's where they stand to yell out the window to the neighbors when they're outside playing and we're still inside getting ready).

Here's The Bug posing after saying, "Take a pictow of ME, Mom!"

And for two days during the heat wave, this is where we were after school: At Speed Racer's house, playing in his pool.

Sweet Pea had the brilliant idea to make the slide end up in the pool and I swear it kept Sweet Pea, Speed Racer and The Bug occupied for a half hour with no letup. It was a really fast, constant three-kid parade: Out of the pool, up the back of the slide, splash down into the pool. And repeat.

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