Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Let's Try That Again

Okay, I tried to write some stuff yesterday but never got around to hitting the "publish" button because I wasn't finished. Hit the button this morning and lost the whole thing. It was just a list of what's going on around here anyway, nothing exciting.

Before I get going again on our stuff, let me just give a quick twins update. One twin is doing beautifully and just needs to grow big enough to go home. The other twin is actually doing better as well. She will still need lots of care over the next year but things are looking somewhat better than before and hopes are high.

As for our household... the baby gates went up at the top and bottom of the staircase Sunday night, after The Bug spent a good part of the weekend trying to crawl up the first step. She's not even 100% on crawling, but just can't wait to try the next thing! Oh - I have noticed recently that she can roll from her belly to her back. Apparently she just doesn't have much occasion to use that skill, which I didn't even think she had for a long time. Lately she has been using it in bed when she rolls onto her belly and wakes up wondering how she got there.

Sweet Pea is having a great time trying to teach The Bug how to eat crunchies. The Bug loves this new dinner theater concept.

Just when I thought I might go so far as to blog that The Bug had begun to sleep better again, the night before last she woke me up nearly every hour. She followed that night up with a no-napping day yesterday. During the afternoon I noticed that she had cut her second eye tooth. I hope that was the problem. Last night she slept *somewhat* better, but anything would have been an improvement over the night before. By dinnertime last night she was so exhausted that once she was finished with her food, she very nearly fell asleep on her placemat. The only reason she didn't end up with her face in her food was that Slipshod was holding up her head.

Last night would have been a better sleep night for me, since The Bug slept better, except that Sweet Pea awoke at11pm and stayed awake for TWO HOURS. She hardly ever wakes up in the night, but when she does, for some reason it takes her hours to get back to sleep. Add to that Slipshod's snoring and The Bug waking during Sweet Pea's awake time, and you've got a recipe for me tearing my hair out and going to sleep on the couch. I should have. Bleh.

Oops, gotta go, The Bug doesn't want to be in the stroller anymore. Sweet Pea has been feeding her and playing with her while The Bug has been strapped into the stroller, looking out the sliding glass door into the back yard. It was Sweet Pea's idea.

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