Friday, August 04, 2006

It's All Take-Out and Paper Plates Now

I'm still waiting to see what kind of magic Slipshod is going to pull out of his bag of tricks to make this move happen this weekend. Because if I am not the least bit confident that we'll be moving this weekend. I really really want to, but no single room in this house is completely packed up. We've packed a ton, but we're almost out of boxes and besides everything inside the house, we've also got to pack up all of our crap in the garage and on the screened-in back porch, and a few things outside that porch. And maybe some big stuff around the side of the house (like a kiln... yikes) .

Tonight we're going to have to pull out the things that we DON'T want packed in the pod, like our software. Oh yeah, and my big huge tub of candles. Can you imagine what that would look like after being packed in a pod for a couple days during August? A 30-gallon-sized ball of wax with sixty three little wicks sticking out willy nilly, I imagine.

"So why aren't you packing right now instead of blogging," you ask? Oh, shut up. I guess I should go do that. But the answer is - because my priorities are all screwed up sometimes. I go for a little "me time" over packing, even though we're down to the wire. The girls are asleep and the only reason I'm not snoozing away with them is because while they are both sleeping I can go outside and bring the garbage can & recycling bins back in without having to make sure that Sweet Pea does't run out into the street (not that that's ever been a problem; even though she hasn't learned to look both ways, she is very aware that she might get squished by a car if she runs out there, so she stays away from the curb like it's diseased - but a mother still worries). And then I had a couple cookies. And as I walked through the living room with purpose and a plastic tub toward the bathroom, all set to clear out the cabinets, my computer chair beckoned and the screen lured me in, and here I sit, sucked in, typing because I'm here and I'm tired so it's nice to sit.

I guess I should go throw a few things in the tub and then catch some Zs with the girls. That's probably the best course of action. But maybe I'll stop by the kitchen for a couple more cookies first. And I wonder why my body's such a funky shape.

*Editor's Note:* I rock. The bathroom is packed, I've done three loads of laundry, and I even managed to catch a little shuteye during the girls' naptime!

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