Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meet Christina!

So, last weekend BlogHer had its conference in downtown San Jose. I didn't go, even though I live here, and I am sorry to have missed meeting many women whose blogs I read. Although, to be honest, I have not really been keeping up with anyone's blogs lately, mine obviously included, due to all the packing and stuff going on around here. Plus, it's difficult to find a moment alone to write before midnight. Argh. Right now as I type Sweet Pea is watching a recorded Miffy special, and The Bug is still asleep in her bouncy chair in the bathroom, where she napped while I took a shower.

HOWEVER - one blogging mama whose page I was reading every day until last week (again, my not reading only being due to the chaos in our house and lives), not only attended the BlogHer conference, she also came over and had dinner with us Sunday night before leaving town Monday morning. I can honestly say that Christina is my first online friend who I have now met in person.

We bonded first through both of our comments on the Queen's blog, found out we both used to work at Renaissance Faires, and now I read her blog every chance I get! It was such fun to meet Christina in person, and I already felt that I knew her to some extent through reading her blog. It was like having a long-lost friend come and visit. I'm so glad that she agreed to come over for dinner - it's not every day that she's in town from Columbus, Ohio, you know!

Our visit was of course a bit overpowered by the demands of a nursing baby and an attention-starved toddler. Earlier in the day we had had friends helping us pack and move furniture, so I had not been able to play with Sweet Pea at all and kept leaving room after room with her trailing me, so by dinnertime she was desperate for attention.

We were supposed to have a visit from the Queen and her family as well, but unfortunately during the weekend Count Waffles came down with some nasty bug that gave him a fever as well as the requisite runny nose. Maybe next time!

Oh, and Erin, I'm right with you - this is what I have to say about the hoopla over that Baby Talk magazine cover photo:

But wait, maybe I'm not clear enough; this is what's actually going on in that photo, in case you can't tell.

Better yet, check out my bitchin' nursing bra! It's always good for a laugh - Sweet Pea thinks it's hilarious. I always swore I would never wear animal print even on cotton, but this was too funny to pass up. Me Jane. Me feed baby.


The Pizzitola Family said...

Hey! Nice boobs! Isn't this considered a little pornographic if you put it on the internet?? Joking aside...That little sprout has a ton of hair. Did sweet pea have that much? Too cute! Sounds fun meeting another blogger from somewhere else! Cool. Miss you guys.

Violet the Verbose said...

I'm going by the idea (which I made up in my head) that as long as I don't show any nipple, I'm not really showing that much that people haven't already seen in public if they've seen a woman in a bikini. ha ha!

Yeah, I thought that The Bug had WAY more hair than Sweet Pea had at birth, but then some grandparents pulled baby pictures of Sweet Pea out of their wallets (not that we don't have a gazillion baby pix of her on the computer - they were just quicker on the draw) and proved to me that she had just as much! The Bug is looking VERY much like Sweet Pea did as a baby - hair color and style and also in the face; I think that when they get older and people see them together they will definitely be able to tell they're sisters.

Queen of Spain said...

Can I just tell you... I HAVE THAT NURSING BRA!

I'm so sad we missed you. But it was a smart move by this wise mamma, who is now in Florida with TWO Sick kids, a sick gramps, a sick Nana, and a SICK ME!

I would have never of forgiven myself. What with the baby and the move. You would have cursed me for weeks.

Christina rocks. My only regret is not hugging her more.