Friday, October 31, 2008

United Nations Day 2008

The girls in their dirndls yet again. The dirndl Sweet Pea is wearing was sent to me from Germany by my godfather when I was little. She wore it to last year's UN Day celebrations at her school as well. The dirndl The Bug is wearing was brought from Germany by my godfather and his wife the last time they visited, when Sweet Pea was 2. She never wore that dirndl, though, because that was during her naked year. The Bug has worn it twice and I'm so glad to have lots of photos of her enjoying it!

The Bug had to come with us to the event even though Sweet Pea's school time is The Bug's nap time. She was miserable until Slipshod showed up at the concert; then she settled into his chest and slept through most of the concert and the entire potluck in Sweet Pea's classroom!

She woke up just in time to enjoy a VERY special treat - getting to play with her sister on the school playground we get to see every day but almost never get to set foot on!
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