Friday, October 31, 2008

October 25th: Pumpkin Rolls & Peter Pan

Last week Sweet Pea and I had agreed all week that we would make pumpkin rolls together on Saturday. Friday after school we cooked 3 pie pumpkins, scraped the cooked pumpkin out of the shells, and smashed it up. Sweet Pea had the beginnings of a cold that day and felt pretty tired all day Saturday, but she would not give up our pumpkin roll adventure!

The Bug never wants to be left out of anything, MUST do everything her sister does because if Sweet Pea does it, it must be the only thing worth doing, and I think also truly enjoys cooking together as much as Sweet Pea and I do.

Yeah, we got a really good first rise on the first batch. We were impressed. It would have been higher if I hadn't put the plastic wrap over the bowl so tightly during rising time (but that's what the recipe says to do).

During the bread's first rising, the girls and I watched Peter Pan together for the first time. You see the result above. Personally I feel that Tinker Bell is a less than nice (vindictive, one might say) character but The Bug was completely taken with her, and her enthusiasm was so infectious that big sister, who is usually the leader, couldn't help but follow along. Good thing we happen to have two fairy dresses!
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