Friday, September 19, 2008

Ground Control to Major Tomcat

Catstronauts! (By Sweet Pea, of course.) Click on the pic to see it larger & notice the driver up front. ha ha! The little bump at the bottom of the picture is the Earth.
Wednesday's after-breakfast project: Whole Wheat Banana Bread. Sweet Pea & The Bug each made a loaf. I find that making each girl responsible for her own loaf not only eliminates fighting over who will pour in the flour, smash the bananas, etc. etc., it also gives the girls each a very satisfied feeling because she can see the result of HER work, plus - we get two loaves of banana bread! YUM! :oD

Again, click on the picture to see it larger. Sweet Pea has been counting out loud to 150 and higher for months, and now she's getting better at learning what the two-digit numbers look like and how to write them. She sometimes still transposes digits (notice how she wrote 20, 30 and 40) but over all she's doing really well with this. On the subject of recognizing two-digit numbers; I was really really impressed with Sweet Pea's comprehension when we went to see the eye doctor a couple weeks ago. She read out all the numbers in the "bubble book" - the one they use to test for color blindness. I could tell she was just figuring some of them out in her mind as she read them. At first she said, "I'm not sure what the number is, but I can see it." Then she said, tentatively, "twenty...nine?" and she was right. So it was a breeze for her to read the rest of the double digit numbers out loud. It was so neat to watch her figure it out.

The girls were very gleeful about wearing their new nearly-matching Fall outfits today. I thought they looked so cute I wanted to take some pictures before they got their dresses all dirty. None of the posed ones with them standing next to each other came out very well, but this is more their style anyway. ha ha! The grass you see in this picture is pretty much our entire front yard. Needless to say, we play more in the back.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great weekend!
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Karen Sugarpants said...

Ohhhh would you share the recipe for the bread? Because I was going to make regular B-beard tomorrow but whole wheat would be a better idea, no?