Sunday, September 28, 2008

Firsts! Big Firsts!

Due to my negligence on my poor, poor blog I failed to blurt last week that The Bug peed on the potty TWO times last weekend - first on Friday, then on Sunday. These are her first successes since the time when she was 18 months old, asked to sit on the training potty, accidentally peed, then got a very surprised, scared look on her face and stopped the stream until she had a diaper on. So HOORAY, this is real interest on her part - I am not doing even 20% of the "hey, wanna sit on the potty?" that I did for Sweet Pea when she was this age.

Then, this morning, during a very energetic and loud play session with her sister after their shower, The Bug ran to the bathroom doorway (I was inside still getting dressed), yanked off her diaper (that's all she'd been wearing) and said, "Mommy, I pee-peed in my diapah - I need a kween one." But instead of waiting for the clean diaper she walked to the potty, lifted the lid and asked to sit on it. I figured, "well, she already went, but what the hey, this is good, at least she's making the connection, even if it's after she's already gone."

However - she surprised us all and POOPED on the potty today! I'm not going to apologize for talking about poop here, because if you remember, this is exactly the subject I discussed in my very first entry on this blog. I talk about poop. Consider yourself warned (after the fact - heh - maybe The Bug gets her timing from me). We had a big ole party in the bathroom and The Bug was thrilled that all three of the rest of us were so excited for her. She beamed and dutifully went to the sink to have her hands washed.

As if that weren't enough, Sweet Pea mentioned to me a few minutes later that one of her teeth hurt. I looked, and yep, she's got her first loose tooth! I had to laugh at myself because I'm SO ready for The Bug to potty train that I couldn't have been happier about her recent successes on the potty, yet mere minutes later when Sweet Pea discovered her first loose tooth I thought, "wait! I'm not ready for this! She's growing up too fast!" My brain fast-forwarded to her turning into a pre-teen, getting attitude, not wanting so many hugs and snuggles - and besides that, I thought I had another year to make a special tooth receptacle for her to keep her teeth in for the tooth fairy! Well, maybe that's something we can do together this week.

Now Sweet Pea is walking around holding a little stacking cup under her mouth in case the tooth just falls out by itself. ha ha ha!

Well, there's the news! (There's more, but that's the big stuff.)