Monday, December 04, 2006

Never a Dull Moment...

How was your weekend?

We had a fun one. Sunday we went to my sister's house and had a good time with my family. Today Mom, Dad, and my sister and brother came over to our house and we had a hoot cooking and eating lunch together, and playing with Sweet Pea and her toys, and my brother got to hold The Bug a couple times (he lives on the other end of the country so this was the first time he got to meet her, and somehow he didn't get to snuggle with her yesterday).

Unfortunately, toward the time they were all talking about leaving, Sweet Pea fell over and hit her head on the (Pergo-covered concrete) floor and passed out again. It felt better to have a name to put to the condition back in May, but having this happen again just made me worried all over again, especially when my sister told me that she thinks that the diagnosis (Pallid Syncope) is just a blanket term, and they really don't know what's wrong.

At least we knew what to do this time. I was nursing The Bug so I couldn't get to Sweet Pea right when she fell down, but I could just tell that she was going to pass out again. She started crying right away but my brother picked her up, which of course is what anyone would do with a kid who has fallen and hit her head and is crying. But when he picked her up she went pale and limp in his arms and stopped breathing, as she does when this happens. He didn't hear me saying, "put her down," as soon as he picked her up. But once she passed out my sister told our brother to put Sweet Pea's head down, and she picked up Sweet Pea's feet and held them up in the air. Sweet Pea came back around right away. She wasn't out as long this time as she was the last two times, which was a relief, but that didn't stop me from crying and wanting to pick her up. I am so glad that my family was here. My sister picked her up once she was "back with us," and my mom got an ice pack for her head, and she sat with my sister (her recently chosen favorite-person-in-the-world-who-is-not-Mommy) on the couch and had a drink.

Usually she falls asleep after these episodes but she didn't today, even though she had not taken a nap and was totally exhausted. She was very limp, though, so after Sweet Pea hugged everyone goodbye, I had my dad (the last person to hug her before they left) prop her up in the corner of the couch and we've just been watching TV ever since... I really thought she would go to sleep when the shows were on, but she hasn't. Early to bed tonight, though. For all of us. Tomorrow morning we're going to the doctor for The Bug's 6-month checkup, so I will definitely be telling the doctor about this. Back in May the pediatric neurologist said that this was a textbook case of Pallid Syncope and although it's scary, it's nothing to worry about, but I figure we should let the doctor know whenever she passes out!

Sweet Pea was also walking funny for about four days last week. One day after she got up from her nap she couldn't walk for a while and said her left leg hurt, but nothing had happened that we knew of. I don't know if she slept wrong or what, but she was still feeling pain for at least four days, because she was walking very strangely. After I mentioned taking her to see the doctor she kept insisting that it didn't hurt, though she was still walking strangely. I think whatever was wrong has resolved itself now, but I'm still going to tell the doctor about it.

Bleh. Emotional drain. Even more of it, I mean. I've been having a really hard time for the past week or so with Slipshod working later again, all the out-of-house activity we've had going on last week and coming up this week, and The Bug's sudden change in sleep activity - she seems to be ultra-sensitive all of a sudden to being set down or having me make her stop nursing when she's fallen asleep at the boob. So naps are not happening as frequently or lasting as long as they were, and Mommy's going crazy. BUT last night she did sleep for 8 hours straight. I think that most, if not all, of her nighttime difficulties over the past week or two have been due to me not putting enough blankets on her. Duh.

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QofS said...

Wow. Scary as hell. Let us know how the appt. goes.