Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The First Feeding

"What the heck is this you're trying to feed me, Mom?" The Bug seemed to say. But she thought the spoon was super fun to chew on.
Sweet Pea thinks that she's smiling when she does this with her face. She is SO excited that The Bug tried rice cereal tonight, and can't wait until she can eat everything else as well. She (Sweet Pea) was a great "helper" (you know what I mean...) while I was feeding The Bug. She cheered The Bug on, and gave her sips of water between my attempts to get her to eat rice cereal from the spoon.
This one's just so cute I had to post it.

One thing related to eating that I forgot to mention from the doctor's appointment today: He said that her bottom teeth are not going to pop out imminently, as I keep claiming. He said there is still quite a gum ridge in there, and we've still got a while before those toofers come out. Posted by Picasa


Lori said...

Cute pictures! I have never gotten a picture of my kids' first solid feeding...was always too stressed about getting the food in them! So the thought never enters my mind until it's too late.

daniela said...

Great pictures! The Bug is getting so big. Your children are beautiful :-). We miss you guys - I'll email you soon.