Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tomorrow's BlogHer!

You might think that since I'm going to a conference about blogging this week, I might just... I don't know, UPDATE my blog? Obviously not.

There have been exciting things afoot around here, but mostly I just can't even get packed because I'm trying to do that AND take care of the kids. If I were working outside the home I would be a horrible, bitchy wreck every single day, I'm sure of it. I have huge mommy guilt because I keep ignoring the kids to get my own stuff done - and then I'm not really getting it done because I *am* attending to their needs (and I get distracted far too easily in general).

On top of that Slipshod and I are ogling houses for sale that are posted on the internet. It is really fun to look at all the pictures and sometimes we drive by them as well. Last Sunday Slipshod even took Sweet Pea out for part of the day and then went to FIVE open houses! Sweet Pea now demands that our new house must have a pool. ha ha! We'll see about that. It's a possibility but maybe not a probability.

I'm so excited about going to BlogHer tomorrow but have not put a single item of clothing (or anything else) into a suitcase. The main days of the BlogHer conference are Saturday and Sunday with a full day of "unconference" on Sunday (which I am not attending) but I am going up to the City tomorrow night because there are lots of parties going on in the evening, including a newbie mixer which I plan to attend. AND I don't want to be doing the commute BARTing Friday morning and trying to get my butt there and checked in at 8am. Bleh!

I am going to miss the kids SO much. Sweet Pea says she will miss me too, but she's very accepting of what's going on. The Bug was initially just saying, "no." when I would talk to her about me going away for a few days, but now she seems to understand somewhat and said to Slipshod last night, in a nearly-crying voice, "I wanna stay with you, Daddy, when Mommy goes bye bye." He assured her that he and Sweet Pea will both be here with her, and I assured her that I would be coming back after I'm done with the conference. She sniffled, "okay..."

Of note on a completely different subject: I have been working out on our elliptical machine very close to every day for the past four weeks. To my dismay the number on the scale has not changed. AT ALL. However, the number on the scale is the least impressive feat of exercise as far as I'm concerned (it's just the easiest to measure, so it does have some impact on my enthusiasm). I *feel* better and have noticed a big increase in my energy level. My legs & bootie are firming up. Today I took my measurements (just bust, waist & hips - should measure legs & arms too, to see more change) with the intention of comparing them against the measurements I took the first week I was exercising. Then I couldn't find my old measurements for a couple hours and was really bummed because I wanted to be able to see if I had made any improvements. While e-mailing my sister to tell her I couldn't find the old measurements, I looked next to my monitor on my desk and saw the old page. I am happy to be able to say that I have lost 2 inches off my waist and 7/8 of an inch off my hips. Slipshod will be thrilled to know that I have not lost any inches off my bustline. ha ha ha! I look forward to getting stronger and more fit but right now I'm just happy to be active again! :o)

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Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Yeah, don't ever go by the scales. Go by how your clothes fit because sometimes you're losing fat but gaining muscle mass which means not a loss of, or sometimes gaining of, mass, but a general toning!

And have fun at BlogHer!