Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yep - Still Here, Really

The cold mentioned in my last post was a decently quick one for me and The Bug. Sweet Pea STILL has the cough but her lungs were given the "all clear" on Monday after diagnosis (last week) of and treatment for walking pneumonia.

Today Sweet Pea will have her kindergarten shots. She hasn't had any shots since she turned 2 and is not looking forward to this appointment.

I am still cleaning like a Tasmanian dirt devil (see what I did there? hee hee), trying to get the house ready for company at The Bug's birthday party on Saturday. Making good progress every day, but there's so much to do, lots of work still stretches out before me.

Today is Sweet Pea's last day of school this week. Thursday and Friday there are no classes because all the teachers will be having parent-teacher conferences; ours is Friday afternoon. Sweet Pea's progress report (which was mailed to us to review before we meet with her teachers) is very good and they finally said that she is academically advanced for her age. I always thought so, but they never said anything like that in past reviews. Slipshod said, "maybe they couldn't tell before." They've noted in this last report and in person when I see them at school that Sweet Pea has suddenly come out of her shell quite a bit and is more involved with the other kids and is also working in all areas of the classroom instead of sticking mostly to art and language works. Next week Sweet Pea has school again on Monday and Tuesday. It seems kind of weird to just have two days' worth, but you can bet she'll be going!

Sweet Pea and I are both very much looking forward to her being out of school for the summer.

There is lots more going on around here, but that's going to have to do for now - I'll continue to update as I can!

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