Thursday, September 27, 2007

I can't think of a title right now

The Scene:

Last night.
I'm in the master bathroom doing my best to get the kids ready for bed. Sweet Pea, who is wearing her usual uniform of only a pair of Hello Kitty underwear, has just been playing peek-a-boo around the door frame with either her daddy or her sister, both of whom are in the bedroom. Sweet Pea jerks her head back too quickly in the excitement of the game and bonks the side of her head; I hear her glasses make a noise when her head hits the door frame.

Sweet Pea is crying really hard and I'm on my knees holding her, trying to soothe her, but laughing my ass off.

Why am I laughing?

Because the Bug has walked into the bathroom and, oblivious to her sister's pain and suffering, has noticed the most fun thing at eye level: The kitty undies on her sister's bum. She pats enthusiastically at the kitties & thus her sister's bum with both hands.

"Kitty!" she screeches in glee.

She then proceeds to sign "cat" on her sister's bum, rather than on her own face, where one would usually sign "cat" by pulling the hands in opposite directions to show the imagined whiskers of a cat.

THEN - oh yes, it gets even better - The Bug leans toward the cute kitties - remember, on Sweet Pea's undies - and makes kissing noises with her mouth.

I nearly dropped the sobbing Sweet Pea in my giggle fit.

**For the record, Sweet Pea is fine and was only crying so hard because she was tired. I mean, I'm sure it hurt, too, but things affect her more intensely when she's tired, y'know what I mean? And - I was laughing silently, so Sweet Pea's feelings were not hurt in last night's incident.**


Christina said...

That is funny! Right now Cordy doesn't notice when Mira is crying, and will walk up to her and say, "Mira's happy!"

I'm glad Sweet Pea wasn't hurt too badly!

(Been meaning to e-mail you back, but life has been crazy the past week!)

Stahl family said...

I'm glad YOU weren't laughing out loud, because while reading your post, I was! :) Glad everyone is fine, though.