Monday, January 08, 2007

We Could Make BILLIONS

Do you remember that commercial with the big red "Easy" button?

With that in mind, picture this:

You need to go to the grocery store but your child hasn't napped and you don't want to deal with a throw-down fit in the frozen aisle.


You're ready to go to the post office but your child refuses to go potty/get dressed/let you wipe her face, etc. etc...


You've been butting heads all day with your limit-testing three-year-old and you long to just get the hell out of the house and go for a walk to cool down


[Insert your own 10 billion possible scenarios here.]

You yearn for a way to just GO, while your child somehow stays safe. You need to do your thing but if you just leave your child at home alone, that is of course negligence and they'd probably get hurt, you'd get arrested, etc. Not to mention the emotional damage it would do to just walk out and leave a small child alone.

But then you remember: "Oh, that's right." You reach out your hand and ever so simply push the big "Instant Babysitter" button.

Your problems are solved.

POOF, she/he appears: Someone you trust to keep your child safe. Someone your child knows and trusts and likes to be with. Someone who knows what who needs to eat and when, and not just that - they also know where the food, bowls, and spoons are. They know where the nearest park is, where the kids' shoes are, and how to cajole said kids into putting the shoes on. They may even have tricks to get the kids to nap when they don't want to.

But that's not all. Oh, no, the fabulousness doesn't end there. You see, this "Instant Babysitter" button is not limited to home. There is also one on the dashboard of your car. That means that the next time you arrive at the store, post office, etc., and one or more children are asleep in the back of the car, you hit the button and >poof,< there is someone in the car to sit with them while they sleep, freeing you to go inside and do whatever it is you need to do, without you having to wake them up or carry them, sleeping, while you accomplish your errand.

When I need this miracle in the car I often picture the inflatable autopilot from the "Airplane" movies. ha ha ha!

But back to business: I am not above mass cloning of grandmothers to achieve the perfect solution for this service. Now - any ideas on how, given the costs involved in research and development, we could make the "Instant Babysitter" button/service affordable for the average family?


Anonymous said...

That would be a dream come true. Please take my order now for your magic button.

My Kids Furniture

QofS said...

Hmmmm. We could get Oprah to bankroll the whole thing.

My Mom arrives in 2 weeks. I keep saying in my head "only two more weeks. only two more weeks"

The Pizzitola Family said...

I wish for that too-daily!

Stahl family said...

I WANT ONE!!! I will camp out all night to be in the line of people to get the first batch...just as long as I can camp alone and catch up on zzzzz's that I am so desperately in need of!